Have you ever lost your sunglasses while travelling or at a festival? Do you have trouble with sports glasses slipping off your head while doing sports? Do the legs of your ski glasses press uncomfortably underneath your helmet? Are you afraid of losing your expensive prescription sunglasses? These problems now belong to the past! 

Introducing Mamo sunglasses: practical, stylish and certain to last much longer than one summer! Let’s get Mamo!

The perfect sunglasses for every sunny moment

What makes our sunglasses so special? Thanks to the wrap-around legs, you can ‘click’ them around your head, where they will remain securely in place. As a result, these sunglasses are just as good to wear while enjoying a relaxing drink at a pavement café or during a headbanging session. Just try them out! Our sunglasses are perfect as sports sunglasses, cycling glasses or skiing goggles. Finished your sports session? Fold up your sunglasses, or wrap them around your wrist in a single, fluid movement. You will never forget where you left your sunglasses again. And all that while you continue to look fashionable thanks to the stylish design. 

The benefits of a pair of Mamo wrap-around sunglasses:

  • Easy to click around your head: they always remain securely in place.
  • Functional: easy to fold up, retract or wrap around your wrist.
  • Almost impossible to break thanks to the sustainable and strong TR90 material. 
  • See life through a pair of black or pink sunglasses? The legs, frames and glasses can be obtained in a diversity of colours.
  • Suitable for people who wear glasses: prescription sunglasses or multifocal eyeglass lenses are possible. 
  • Protection from the sun: UV400 label and polarizing glasses.
  • Can you swim wearing Mamo sunglasses? Yes you can! They are resistant against saline sea water.

Sun’s out, so get your glasses out! You can appeal to us for sunglasses for ladies, gents or even children’s sunglasses.

Want to buy a pair of Mamo sunglasses?


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