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A source of inspiration like a thunderbolt

The best ideas hit you when you least expect them. This was also the case with Mamo. Managing directors Peter Busschaert and Fan He had been good friends and neighbours for years. In 2018 they both attended a trade fair in China, each representing his own company. It was here that they became fascinated by unique sunglasses that can be clicked around your head and wrapped around your wrist. This concept was still completely unknown in Belgium. It did not take long before the duo decided to join forces in bringing the product to the Belgian market. And so, Mamo was born! 

“The sunglasses immediately drew our attention. They were cool, fun and practical. So, we decided: Why not? Let’s do this!”

A consumer-oriented philosophy 

The Japanese word Mamo means ‘being taken care of’ and reflects precisely what Peter and Fan aim to do: take care of their customers. Their mission is to offer a simple solution to everyday problems. With small improvements, they aim to make life easier. Step one: enabling you to do sports without a care in the world. Thanks to Mamo sunglasses you can ride your bicycle, ski or run perfectly, while your eyes are being protected from the sun and you look fashionable. Convenient!

“We don’t want to push the customer. To the contrary. We want to find out what he truly needs and come up with fun, yet effective solutions.”

An ambitious plan

Peter and Fan launched Mamo in a first phase with the sunglasses, but their ambition knows no bounds. In the long term, they wish to launch even more products under the Mamo brand. They wish to sell these all over the world with the help of enthusiastic distributors. Companies can also appeal to Mamo to have their products personalized and printed, entirely in line with your health style. Looking for a unique merchandising item? Let’s get Mamo! 

“In the future, we intend to launch even more marketing items. All with the same purpose: to enable your little cares to melt away like snow before the sun.”

Can you identify with this philosophy? Let’s get Mamo!

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About us

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